Effective Change Management

Effective-People’s approach to Change Management is embedded in our transformational approach to HR cloud adoption. The transformation is based on the key drivers for change, which can be pain points that need to be addressed, expected savings and desired improvements in processes. The starting point can be anything from a formal business case to a high-level transformation roadmap.

The actual implementation of the new solution and data is a rather straightforward activity due to Effective-People’s vast experience in implementing SuccessFactors across countries, industries and different sizes of companies. Challenges are often related to adoption in the organization, conflict among key stakeholders, or other organizational issues.

Effective change management will run in parallel to the actual implementation and be integrated through communication, stakeholder management, risk mitigation, training and overall focus on getting the solution adopted and accepted. We have many tools and approaches to assist you and will work with you to ensure the right combination to achieve success.

After the solution is implemented an organization will in some cases be inclined to lose focus. It is paramount to continue focusing on the key benefits for the project and drive the organization to realize the business case.

Figure:Overview of EP Transformational Change Management
Effective Change Management
The specific application of change management tools and activities is often an outcome of an Analyses Phase, often named Phase 0. In Phase 0 of Effective-People Implementation Methodology verification and planning is made and several deliverables will be created. Effective-People provides a flexible execution model, where tasks are distributed between clients and Effective-People in accordance to outcomes from Phase 0.