Single Sign On

SuccessFactors Single Sign On Package

If you have purchased SuccessFactors you probably have considered implementing Single Sign On. Single Sign On is very useful in user adoption and to reduce data risk, and it also eliminates the need for extra password for the SuccessFactors platform. SuccessFactors provides you with the code examples and API kit, but not with ready to use packages that can be deployed on your own environment.

At Effective-People we have experience with a variety of identity management technologies and have implemented Single Sign On (SSO) for SuccessFactors in different environments. These experiences can be delivered to you in a documented package, so that you can implement it in your own environment. We can of course also assist you with the implementation.

Single Sign On with SAML

If your organisation already has a SAML provider, SuccessFactors can take advantage of that. We have experience with integrating SuccessFactors with Microsoft ADFS 2.x and SAP Portal 7.3. If you are using another SAML solution, you are of course also welcome to contact us.

Single Sign On with Active Directory

We can deliver a ready to use package that can be installed on an Microsoft Internet Information Server inside your firewall. Different encryption algorithms are supported, including 3DES and MD5. Please contact us for more details.

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