Goal Management

Successful companies depend on each and every employee's efforts, every day. You need everyone to understand where the company is headed, what the goals are from top-to-bottom and each person's role in making you successful.

How do you communicate your objectives to be sure everyone is working on the right thing at the right time? And, what if you suddenly need to change course? Can you get the rest of your organization to seamlessly shift and move in the new direction?

Effective-People helps your organization work as a cohesive team to cover more ground – faster.

  • Improve goal alignment: Communicate your organization's strategic and tactical goals to provide greater visibility company-wide.
  • Strengthen accountability: Assign individuals measurable and clearly articulated goals that are visible to others.
  • Boost employee engagement: Managers and employees can see individual goals and the broader goals to which they are linked to understand better how day-to-day responsibilities contribute to the organization's long-term goals.
  • Reinforce goals every day to keep on track: Workflow allows employees to make frequent updates, gauge probability of success, and provide comments on their goals. Managers and / or team members can request updates to proactively identify and resolve any issues impeding success.

Effective-People has helped more than 550 companies implement SuccessFactor. We use technologies and methods that is used by more than 6.000+ customers, and 45+ million cloud application subscribers, across more than 60 industries in over 177 countries.

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