Onboarding is a critical part of a strategic talent management program that is often overlooked or poorly handled. Loads of paperwork, missed details and busy managers often fail to make new hires feel welcome, creating a poor first impression, and slowing down time to productivity.

Onboarding gets new hires in the door and contributing quickly to your company’s business goals. You can transition candidates to employees with a seamless workflow that streamlines the process and paperwork before day one, and then gets your new hire ramped up fast with the SuccessFactors employee network and content-sharing solution.

  • Engage new hires fast: Connect new hires to a secure talent portal from outside the company firewall before they start.
  • Automate form delivery: Online form packages ensure that new hires don’t spend their first day filling out redundant paperwork.
  • Manage internal tasks: Send email notifications to IT, security, and anyone else who is part of the onboarding process.
  • Schedule workflow: Keep processes on track using automatic task triggers and new-hire reminders.
  • Connect employees easily: With SuccessFactors Jam, new hires can find experts, employee contacts, and training materials.

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