Succession Planning

Successful business execution requires you to have the right people in the right places for maximum impact throughout your organization.

Building and cultivating bench strength is a key element of how businesses prepare themselves for real results, today and into the future. You need to be able to proactively plan for organizational change. If necessary, you should be able to turn on a dime and quickly reshuffle talent when a new business opportunity arises or a key player suddenly departs.

SuccessFactors Succession Management helps identify, develop and retain talent at every level of your company.
Use the robust succession planning application to easily map staff move across teams or across the world. Plus, create new department hiring plans, while providing employees with greater visibility into the future of their careers.

  • Build bench strength: Gain visibility into your existing talent pools, and potential gaps, to proactively train and develop employees for key positions.
  • Better assess your talent: Formulate valuable insights about your workforce by gathering information on backgrounds, expertise, performance, and career aspirations.
  • Uncover “hidden” talent: Greatly expand your internal talent search efforts beyond your immediate sphere.
  • Find the best candidate, every time: Easily find the “right employees” to fill your leadership gaps.

Succession planning provides proactive identification of your “go-to” employees. Using this information, you can develop them for upcoming job transitions without losing your valuable internal knowledge base.

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